Time of birth, 12:45. Official Birth date, October 30, 2017.

I always imagined myself having a boy. In fact, when we found out what Scout was, I couldn't believe that she was a girl. But, little did I know I'd have a tomboy. And I use that term loosely. She has no issue getting dirty, climbing rock and mud piles at the end of our street, but also has no issue doing so in high heels, a dress, and then go for a manicure the next day. Bruised up legs from falling off her scooter that scoots along at a dashing 83 miles per hour, or from taking a tumble off the rock piles. Dirt all over just because she runs and races leaving dust trails behind her. And most importantly, in a dress. This whole shoot is Scout. Outside, surrounded by her favorite things.

I named her after 'Scout' in To Kill a Mockingbird, and never realized that she would actually be just like Scout in the book. To have a child that thrives in the wild, and lets the wind carry her in every which direction is my greatest win in life. One day when I'm old, (who am I kidding, in 5 years when I'm sad that she is growing up) I want to remember her exactly how she was. Full of life, full of joy, and full of smiles with dirt smeared all over. But most importantly, pure magic and perfection.

Every time I leave a session, I often think of her. I wonder if I would have even picked up a camera had she not been born. I wonder if my career path would have greatly differed, or what I would have ended up doing. Scout makes me who I am. Without even knowing, she pushes me to be a better human and lead by example. I want her to know that if she has passion and heart in whatever she does, she can move mountains.