Karin's Horses: Legacy Stables

Have you ever been to a place where you can literally feel the peace, serenity and joy from what you're around brings? That's how I felt when I arrived and left Legacy Stables. Karin has been in the business for several years, and the experience and knowledge she brings, confirms that. With over 30 horses to ride and a variety of different lessons you can take, there truly is something for everyone who visits the farm. I met with Karin a few weeks ago, and immediately felt how light and full of love her spirit was.

"I started my business back in 2005 in the area. With my first horse, Charley, I started boarding in Lake Odessa and then moved to Lowell." Karin Schmidt, owner of Karin's Horse Connection continued, "From there I moved to Ada, Alto and Grandville before we bought our property in Caledonia." Once she moved to Caledonia, that's when Legacy Stables was brought to life in 2012.

"We cater to the non-horse owner. We share our 33 horses with people of any age and (dis)abilities that seek to have a horse-human connection. To me, it's all about the smiles," Karin continued, "A couple of years ago, Bethany Christian Services brought groups of refuge teenagers out. I witnessed unbelievable transformation in some of the young men. When they came, they were cool, tough, angry, sad, hands in their pockets." But when they left? Karin witnessed laughter, they were talkative, were grateful, and even more surprising? They were dancing. "My favorite part of it all is the smiles!"

"I want people to know that horses are good for people. Another thing I'd like people to know is how safe Equestrian Vaulting is. It is proven to be statistically the safest equestrian discipline! It's basically gymnastics and dance on the movie horse."

Every year, Legacy Stables holds their Hearts & Hooves Benefit. It is an open house style event, Karin and her team raise awareness in the community about what they are all about. They also raise money for scholarships for kids that they know would greatly benefit from one of their programs, but don't necessarily have the means to be in a program.

Legacy Stables is one that is living up to their name. Karin's Horse Connection is truly a safe haven for kids of all abilities. I know it's already left a legacy on many people.