An Evening at the Kauffman Family Farm

Back in June, my mom, Scout and I set our maps for The Barn Sale Trail. The event takes place at multiple different barns in towns around us. You can find refurbished vintage furniture, project pieces or you find pieces that you turn into a DIY project. Our second barn that day was Kauffman Family Farm. The minute I drove onto the property, I knew this place had an interesting story. And if the property didn't have a story, the owners certainly did. The couple has a passion for picking, preservation and antiquing. There isn't a project too big that would scare them away.

It was about a month later, I had the privlage of getting the scoop on the farm. I was not disappointed with the stories and views I saw! Dave and Mel are owners of the property, and have been at this location since 2003. "We are a small hobby farm, about half ouf our 30 acres is wooded so we tap trees and produce maple syrup." The bulding you see in the picture above is what they call their 'Sugar Shack'. "This is probably the most interesting building on our property. People always think it was original to our farm." Would you be surprised to know that this 100 year old barn was brought to the farm piece by piece? "It was located at Dave's cousin's farm on Portland Road; he was going to tear it down to make room for a new pole barn." Mel continued on, "Dave asked if he could have it, he then rented some equipment and hired someone to help him disassemble. They took it down piece by piece in a week." It took the couple 2 years to develop the site and put it back together.

"The interesting fact about this story, is that Dave had to create his own hand tools to take the barn apart because today's tools didn't work!"

Aside from The Barn Sale Trail, the sugar shack and preserving treasures of the past, the family used to be very active in 4H. "When our kids did 4H, we would walk the pigs at night. We would take them through the trails around our property and let them run. It was our nightly routine." The family had horses and pigs when they first moved to the property, and are now down to their goat, chickens, two cows and their three dogs.

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