Hubbell Foothill Farms: Hastings, MI.

Coming from Texas, I’ve grown to love and appreciate longhorns. As large and intimidating as they may seem, they truly are gentle giants. This past summer, I had the honor to visit Hubbell Foothill Farms in Hastings, MI. to learn more about the farm and family that have made a name for themselves across the United States raising Longhorn cattle.

When I spoke with Mark Hubbell, he laughed and said, “We’ve been here from the start. Hubbell Road is named after us, we were the first ones to live there.” Afterall, the farm was established in 1895 and Mark is a 5th generation farmer who started breeding longhorns in 1995. “It started as a hobby; I’ve always loved longhorns. One of my favorite things about the longhorn business is that I know people from coast to coast, and border to border. Every year you get a brand-new group of calves. These calves are bred to be better than the year before. We are constantly breeding for better. It really is something to watch them grow.” 

Aside from cattle, longhorn and angus, Mark along with his father Ken, a 4th generation farmer, and his son Garrett, now a 6th generation farmer, plant 400 acres of row crops along with 400 acres of hay. These crops are grown to feed their 500 head of cattle.

When asked if he had any lessons or experience he would share, he left me with a humbling quote that really hit home. It sums up farming, mind set and ties together everything in between: “If you plant a good seed, you get a good harvest. If you plant a bad seed, you get a bad harvest.” Every season in life comes with a hurdle, but it’s all about what seed you plant that determines your harvest. 

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Pictures by Madison Nihiser